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The Runner's 10 is a collection of exercises and resources to help runners and athletes keep moving and avoid injuries. This collection has been created by the team at Coltman & Baughman Physical Therapy.

Welcome To The Runner's 10
#1 Single Leg Bridge
#2 Prone Plank
#3 Ice Skater
#4 Running Man
#5 Side Plank
#6 Single Leg Heel Raises
#7 SLS Reaching Across Body
#8 Single Leg Dead-Lift
#9 Hip Flexor & Quad Stretch

Biomechanical Running Evaluation

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Coltman & Baughman Physical Therapy's Biomechanical Running Evaluation (B.R.E.) is a comprehensive evaluation of your running form, complete musculoskeletal assessment, training program analysis and shoe wear assessment.


Our assessment of your running form uses state-of-the-art motion analysis software to breakdown multiple views and angles of your running form to identify any asymmetries, inefficiencies or flaws in your running mechanics that may be a contributing factor to your pain and injury with running.


Recommendations will be given on any future training needs including running form changes, training schedule and personalized exercise prescription. Future follow-up appointments can be scheduled to use real time video feedback for running form changes and continued personalized treatment with a physical therapy exercise progression.

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